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Michael NaoumProfessor GurfienINBS 250-0412 December 2013Exports vs. ImportsExports and imports whitethorn seem same two simple words throughout the English language. Many individuals visit exports and imports as straightforward concepts that are used on an everyday basis. However, these term brook more personality then the normal dictionary interpretation that the average person abides by. Exports and imports have a weighty impact on the consumer and the preservation around them. Currently, the world is changing into a global economy this means, that every countries economy has an impact on another. For example, if the United States economy were to collapse, this would have a large effect on the Chinese economy repayable to the fact that, exports and imports play a large role in this. This may be a hard concept to grasp but topics much(prenominal) as, effects on economy, effect of exchange rates and the effect of ostentatiousness and interest rates are areas which when expl ained, will clear up well-nigh grey areas for the average individual. To begin, gross domestic product is a anchor concept to understand which invo...

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Wireless Networks

Chapter 3 Mobile Radio Propagation big Path Loss 1. (a) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the 2-ray acres reflection model in the analysis of path injury. (b) What insight does the 2-ray model provide about expectant-scale path loss that was disregarded when cellular corpses used very large cells? 2 . In a 2-ray ground reflected model, assume that must be kept below 6. 261 radians for phase cancellation reasons. Assuming a receiver tiptop of 2 m, and given a requirement that be less than 50 , what are the minimum allowable values for the T-R separation space and the heyday of the vector overture?The carrier frequency is 900 MHz. 3. In the 2-ray path loss model with ? derive an appropriate conceptualisation far the location of the foretell nulls at the receiver. 4 . Compare the received power for the have expressions for the 2-ray ground reflection model. bring the flush of the transmitter is 40 m and the height of the receiver is 3m. The frequency is 1800 MHz , and unity gain antennas are used. Plot the received. 5. Referring to designing P3. 3, compute d = d1, the first Fresnel zone space between transmitter and receiver for a 2-ray ground reflected propagation path, in terms of and X.This is the distance at which path loss begins to transition from d to d behavior. chance on 6 . If the received power at a reference distance d0 = I km is equal to 1 microwatt, palpate the received powers at distances of 2 km, 5 kin, 10 km, and 20 km from the same transmitter for the following path loss models (a) Free space (b) n = 3 (c) n = 4 (d) 2-ray ground reflection using the pick out expression (e) extended Hata model. Assume f=1800 MHz, ht = 40m, hr = 3m, Gt=Gr=0dB. Plot each of these models on the same graph over the range of 1 km to 20km. 7 .Assume the received power at a reference distance d0 = 1 km is equal to 1 microwatt, and f=1800 MHz, ht = 40m, hr = 3m, Gt=Gr=0dB. Compute, compare, and plot the exact 2-ray ground reflection model with the approximate expression. At what T-R separations do the models defend and disagree? What are the ramifications of using the approximate expression instead of the exact expression in cellular system design? 8 . A transmitter provides 15W to an antenna having 12 dB gain. The receiver antenna has a gain of 3 dB and the receiver bandwidth is 30 kHz.If the receiver system noise figure is 8 dB and the carrier frequency is 1800 MHz, find the maximum T-R separation that will ensure that a SNR of 20 dB is provided for 95% of the term. Assume n = 4, dB, and d0 = 1 km. 9. Assume a SNR of 25 dB is desired at the receiver. If a 900 MHz cellular transmitter has an EIRP of 100 W, and the AMPS receiver uses a 0 dB gain antenna and has a 10 dB noise figure, find the percentage of time that the desired SNR is achieved at a distance of 10 km from the transmitter. Assume n=4, dB, and d0 = 1 km.

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Tom brennan

Miss Long The f satisfactory of gobbler Brenna Topic You cannot manipulate the aside. Only when Individuals stick on can they achi eve delight. Discuss this in relation to your understanding of The Story of tom Brenna. The Story of gobbler Brenna by J. C Burke is an honest novel, which follows a piffling mans struggle to usurp his past in line of battle to belong on. The cable car scare away changed all(prenominal) the book of factss hold places further taught them to be number stronger and resilient quite a little. This sometimes meant that they had to look to for dedicate others and take over their past to mint towards happiness.They were forced to confront their pasts in order to eve on to their futures. tom turkeys life is changed drastically when the car crashes. He has dug too deep into what he refers to as the black hole and he loses the will to live Trying to fold down the injurious thoughts that unendingly surfaced and suffocated any entrust I ha d of soak upting my life back. (pig. 1 5). He tries to get break away by starting running as a way of release his stress and worry. Someone who was essential for Tom to carry on was Daniel his comrade Do you hate me, Tommy? . Daniel. I swallowed. Youre my brother. (pig. 141) Although Daniel has done such(prenominal) a terrific thing Tom is not willing to give up on his brother. Another character that helps Tom conquer his past is his uncle Brendan. Brendan in truth gets Tom to open up and come up the world from another(prenominal) point of contemplate this causes Tom to start talking You were hardly Mr.. Have-a-chat when you arrived. forthwith I cant conclude you up. (pig 98) He travel on from his past and gear up happiness in himself and his life once more.He finds himself through his girlfriend Christy because when hes with her all he is, is himself When I was with Christy I was me again. Simple Tom Brenna no ties, no debt, no guilt, no bad thoughts. Just me, the w ay I had always k straightwayn myself. (pig. 261 Although the road to pep was hard for Tom, his desire to help those around him salvage him and his family But forthwith I knew what I deep in thought(p) the most. I missed me, Tom Brenna, and thats wherefore now I could smile, cause I could confab he was overture back. (pig. 61 ) After the crash it seems kindred Tees herself fades and becomes little more than a shell. She becomes depressed and barley leaves her room. Her actions affect the whole family but mainly Tom and kiley. Tom feels neglected and Kylie shuts down without the house of her mother. Once Tees realizes how more her children need her she tries to emend for them Im sorry, Tommy m assay, I genuinely am. I arrangement itll get better. (pig. 216). This is an important leave-taking of her recovery and influences her children to improve to.Another important part of Tests recovery is seeing Daniel and learning to lead the crash and his part in It Dont Dont say that about him. (pig. 85). This proves that while she may detest the fact that It was Daniels duty period she still loves him and will always stand up for him. After Tees had retrieve Tom forgets about what she was Like before and the family begins to excise forward again Its kind of hard to remember what she was like thence (pig. 265). We see now that it is not is able to scarper on subsequently she learns to forgive her word of honor Daniel and herself, this is when she can win happiness.Daniel is responsible for the deaths of two plurality and paralyzing his cousin, this would be grueling, for anyone to come to terms with and Daniel struggles with it l f****d up everything. Everything. (pig. 140). He is fuming and cannot accept with the guilt He does not believe he deserves to live. During his time in prison he takes part in a peer plump for program which helps him begin to accept his past in order to move on And that was what Daniel needed the most a kicked out of the past. (pig. 143).Daniel is assigned a mentor who acts as a councilor and he begins to accept that he messed up and needs to move forward from it l did, Tom, and thats what Im trying to get a handle on. (pig. 214). Though Daniel struggles to accept the past and move on he tries his best to. Once he accomplishes this he is able to move on to a happy future much like another character achieves her happiness. Kylie cannot accept the fact that her family was associated horrific position so she shut the whole world out, acting like cipher is wrong and she has moved on hen she clearly had not Shed become tough.It was like I hardly knew her anymore (pig. 29). Proving that Kylie had been ignoring everybody, although she tried her hardest to ignore the accident and move on from it she couldnt accept it within herself Shes angry. This is her way of get it out. I say its better that way. (pig. 176) explaining that she was trying to accept it, but she unplowed shutting people out it became impossible for her to truly accept it. Until in the end it became too much for her and broke down l dont want to be Kylie Brenna. Kylie anyone, but not Kylie Brenna. (pig. 29) Tom really helps Kylie get back on track Its slow, but I can see ahead now, if you know what I mean (pig. 228) these bear witness how strong there relationship is and that sometimes you have to rely on others to help you so that you can forgive yourself. In the Story of Tom Brenna it tells a confronting rumor about a family who has been greatly affected by a tragic car crash. It tells how each character recovered and learns to move on, through forgiveness, forgetting or acceptance. The characters must move on in order to gain happiness in their lives once more.Tom brennanMiss Long The Story of Tom Brenna Topic You cannot alter the past. Only when Individuals move on can they achieve happiness. Discuss this in relation to your understanding of The Story of Tom Brenna. The Story of Tom Brenna by J. C Burke is an honest novel, which follows a young mans struggle to accept his past in order to move on. The car crash changed all the characters lives but taught them to become stronger and resilient people. This sometimes meant that they had to learn to forgive others and accept their past to move towards happiness.They were forced to confront their pasts in order to eve on to their futures. Toms life is changed drastically when the car crashes. He has dug too deep into what he refers to as the black hole and he loses the will to live Trying to shut down the bad thoughts that always surfaced and suffocated any hope I had of getting my life back. (pig. 1 5). He tries to get better by starting running as a way of releasing his stress and worry. Someone who was essential for Tom to move on was Daniel his brother Do you hate me, Tommy? . Daniel. I swallowed. Youre my brother. (pig. 141) Although Daniel has done such a horrible thing Tom is not willing to give up on his brother. An other character that helps Tom conquer his past is his uncle Brendan. Brendan really gets Tom to open up and see the world from another point of view this causes Tom to start talking You were hardly Mr.. Have-a-chat when you arrived. Now I cant shut you up. (pig 98) He moved on from his past and found happiness in himself and his life again.He finds himself through his girlfriend Christy because when hes with her all he is, is himself When I was with Christy I was me again. Simple Tom Brenna no ties, no debt, no guilt, no bad thoughts. Just me, the way I had always cognise myself. (pig. 261 Although the road to peppiness was hard for Tom, his desire to help those around him saved him and his family But now I knew what I missed the most. I missed me, Tom Brenna, and thats why now I could smile, cause I could see he was coming back. (pig. 61 ) After the crash it seems like Tees herself fades and becomes little more than a shell. She becomes depressed and barley leaves her room. H er actions affect the whole family but mainly Tom and Kylie. Tom feels neglected and Kylie shuts down without the support of her mother. Once Tees realizes how much her children need her she tries to improve for them Im sorry, Tommy m trying, I really am. I promise itll get better. (pig. 216). This is an important part of her recovery and influences her children to improve to.Another important part of Tests recovery is seeing Daniel and learning to accept the crash and his part in It Dont Dont say that about him. (pig. 85). This proves that while she may dislike the fact that It was Daniels fault she still loves him and will always stand up for him. After Tees had recovered Tom forgets about what she was Like before and the family begins to move forward again Its kind of hard to remember what she was like then (pig. 265). We see now that it is not is able to move on after she learns to forgive her son Daniel and herself, this is when she can achieve happiness.Daniel is responsible for the deaths of two people and paralyzing his cousin, this would be grueling, for anyone to come to terms with and Daniel struggles with it l f****d up everything. Everything. (pig. 140). He is fuming and cannot deal with the guilt He does not believe he deserves to live. During his time in prison he takes part in a peer support program which helps him begin to accept his past in order to move on And that was what Daniel needed the most a kicked out of the past. (pig. 143).Daniel is assigned a mentor who acts as a councilor and he begins to accept that he messed up and needs to move forward from it l did, Tom, and thats what Im trying to get a handle on. (pig. 214). Though Daniel struggles to accept the past and move on he tries his best to. Once he accomplishes this he is able to move on to a happy future much like another character achieves her happiness. Kylie cannot accept the fact that her family was associated horrific event so she shut the whole world out, acting like not hing is wrong and she has moved on hen she clearly had not Shed become tough.It was like I hardly knew her anymore (pig. 29). Proving that Kylie had been ignoring everybody, although she tried her hardest to ignore the accident and move on from it she couldnt accept it within herself Shes angry. This is her way of getting it out. I guess its better that way. (pig. 176) explaining that she was trying to accept it, but she kept shutting people out it became impossible for her to truly accept it. Until finally it became too much for her and broke down l dont want to be Kylie Brenna. Kylie anyone, but not Kylie Brenna. (pig. 29) Tom really helps Kylie get back on track Its slow, but I can see ahead now, if you know what I mean (pig. 228) these show how strong there relationship is and that sometimes you have to rely on others to help you so that you can forgive yourself. In the Story of Tom Brenna it tells a confronting tale about a family who has been greatly affected by a tragic c ar crash. It tells how each character recovered and learns to move on, through forgiveness, forgetting or acceptance. The characters must move on in order to gain happiness in their lives once more.

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Intellectual and technological property Essay

In the United States, the stakes of identifying the best laws and policies for the use of intellectual and scientific place are very high (U. S. Congress, 1986). As a cosmopolitan rule, developers of computer parcel seek legal security for intellectual property by using traditional legal mechanisms found in copyright, craft secret, patent, trademark and licensing. Of these forms of harborion the most easily attainable protection is by dint of copyright law, which makes it illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted corporal in the U. S. without authorization (Qu & Potkonjak, 2003).BUGusa should be using, first and foremost, the legal protection of copyright laws in order to guard its intellectual property. In an type of educating Congress Members regarding the steps interpreted by the FBI for trade and intellectual theft, an utilisation of a case was presented by the FBI to the Congress. Patrick Worthing was arrested by the FBI after agreeing to sell Pittsb urgh casing Glass study for $1000 to a Pittsburgh agent posing as a representative of Owens-Corning, Toledo, Ohio.Patrick Worthing was sentenced to 15 months in jail and three eld probation for the Theft of Trade Secrets (Gallagher, 1998). Wiretime would take hold to face similar liabilities if Steve is caught in the represent of transferring important corporate or intellectual information to his mother company. Walter could be guilty of may be a tort of intentional infliction of mad distress. The threat to hurt Steven can be interpreted as an assault. These claims rise from allegedly wrongful employment practices.The tort requires that the defendants conduct was extreme and outrageous and that severe physical or emotional harm resulted. Courts however demand more (Lindemann & Grossman, 1983). Seeing as Walter did not harm Steven in any way apart from sound to hurt him, the chances of liability held against Walter and BUGusa are not tantamount to a lot. Steve himself ha d give over the information to Walter and had left the small room without being physically harmed.Liu and Ye (2001) discuss various issues of security and application security related to software agents ranging from market chaos, agent authorization and transaction. For security, the prime advice I would give to BUGusa would be to protect the entire system with consistent and appropriate security measures. sometimes the system is complex and often not designed with security in mind. Therefore it is important to scrutinize each component for its security weaknesses and protect it accordingly (Interactive Information Security Policies, 2007).In my opinion, BUGusa may not take over to face liability if the vendor was attacked. The vandalism in the city is not under the control of the company and BUGusa must highlight the point that the company does as far as it can by making the lay lot and dock are well-lit. As for the vandalism and the theft, these are avenue crimes which the gov ernment and law-enforcement agencies are to be held accountable for. BUGusa may defend itself by suffering a loss themselves through the vandalism.It may also go on to assure for the future that increased security measures would be taken in order to avoid such circumstances. BUGusa needs to prove that Wiretime has connected some criminal activity against them. If Steve has been bribed by Wiretime to commit this act, or has been successfully proven into being seen as committing a pattern of criminal activity, anti-racketeering law can be claimed. BUGusa must prove that Steve has been passing valuable information to Wiretime for over a large period of time. Sally DoGood may have a successful case against BUGusa for the tort of Product Liability.The production, through legal definition, has ca utilize a defect due to the defect resulting from the basic criteria that it involved sellers failure to exercise reasonable care and would cause a reasonable person in position of the buyer to expect the used product to present no greater risk of defect than if the product were new. Experts also say that if the plaintiff discovers that the alleged defect has been discovered, (which may be argued in the case of BUGusa) the plaintiff can move on to a negligence claim (Allee, 1984).

Of Mice And Men – Crooks PEE Paragraph

Racism was a strong form of prejudice in the 1930s, and throughout the novel is violently used against the stable buck Crooks. From his firstborn introduction in the book, he is constantly world described and tough like an animal. In the first description of Crooks room in chapter 4, it is referred to as A little shed that leans off the wall of the barn. This gives the word picture that Crooks is not important enough to sleep with the other ranch hands, and mustiness be isolated and separated from them giving him no other choice but to sleep with the animals creatures that are on the same level of the proponent structure as him.Also, Crooks possessions reflect this image. His bed is described as a wide box of straw which implies that Crooks isnt worth his own bed, and must lessen for a caters trough something that yet a horse doesnt sleep in, but eats out of. As wholesome as this, most of his other possessions dont withal croak directly to him. For example, a broken har ness in process of being mended strips of new leather and a range of medicine bottles, both for him and the horses.This shows that even his own room, isnt fully his own room, and that he has to share it with the horses suggesting that even the horses are more important than Crooks as even they have the power to invade crooks space. It could also mean that all of crooks possessions are considered just as worthless as a horses broken harness. This shows the reader that crooks government agency no more to the ranch hands than one of the other horses.

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Role Of Socialization

Family is the first tender agent which individuals ar exposed to they are the primary source of settlement (Bryn &038 Lie, 2012). This social agent is responsible for teaching individuals about self a set of ideas and attitudes about who iodine is as an independent being (Bryn &038 Lie, 2012, p. 58). A functionalist view would argue family is the most important agent of primary colonisation, the subroutine of mastering the basic skills required to operate in society during puerility (Bryn &038 Lie, 2012, p. 60).Language is one concept aught by the family in severalise to communicate, without a basic form of communication accommodateting into society would be practiced impossible. Teaching children how to speak is considered part of being a parent and is not questioned bad parenting in turn would lead to bad colonization. Families in like manner tin class and how you as an individual, and family, fit into the order of society. Wealthy families may be equal to provide co ntrary opportunities versus poor families, and contrasting value may be taught such as wasting food and saving money.The lessons children are taught make up how they pull up stakes act in society and what they will think of themselves and others. civilize is another social agent which impacts an individuals discretion of self and society (Agents of colonization, 2013). teach teaches individuals how to be a productive member of society and gives them the means in order to succeed in society. One example is demanding to grow word to and respect authority. This is taught from kindergarten on.If a child breaks the rule and disrespects their teacher, or authority, they will be disciplined and taught to not do that again. Without the understanding of respecting authority an individual will harbor a hard time fitting into society since thither is always rules to follow and authority to respect bosses, RACE, laws and so on. School also teaches a work ethic which is an important as pect of each individual. unspeakable work ethic tush lead to being less victorious in bread and butter, being an underachiever, and in turn not living up to what one could.Norms are also an aspect of society that are taught in school. An individuals family is responsible for teaching communication and language, and the school builds on that basic companionship to make it acceptable for societies standards. For example college students are expected to write at a specific take aim, in proper form, following rules and guidelines in order to convey their thoughts. If a student is unable to write at that level they will fail their courses and be unable to graduate in that program.The norm for vaingloriouss to be able to read and write with specific accuracy, without this basic understanding the adult may not be able to hold a locating job, own a house, find a marriage partner, or, collect kids. This would in turn impact their understanding of oneself and how they fit into societ y. Peers are a tierce social agent, which hugely impacts and shapes our understanding of self. Interacting with peers teaches individuals what is considered normal and acceptable in society. From a young age children are taught to use words instead of striking during an argument.This lesson carries forward and is a crucial part of colonization. As an adult one cannot hit somebody because they are upset- that can lead to a criminal charge (Barbour, 2008). Peers also teach sharing from a young age, which follows by means of to adulthood and an integral part of society. In adolescence peer roofs promote identity element from family, and finding oneself. Among peers adolescents are able to make choices on their own and learn from their own mistakes, and not the guiding of parents and authority. Peers also offer a dispute to individuals.Prior to having friends individuals are captured by family, however, once peers and friends become more involved in their lives they are opened to new views and opinions that may differ from their own (Barbour, 2008). grammatical gender roles are also another aspect of society, which peer groups heavily influence (Agents Of colonization, 2013). Boys and girls are treated differently, social expectations are placed on the different genders, and masculine and feminine ways are taught. Peer groups can have a negative social influence as well.Cliques, gangs, and peer draw are all aspects of peer groups, it is up to the individual to chose right from aggrieve and look at how those peers will negatively effect them. Functionalist theory can also be applied to this agent of colonization, since functionalist look at how colonization helps to maintain orderly social relations (Bryn &038 Lie, 2012, p. 60). A functionalist would also argue social structures are based mainly on shared values (Bryn &038 Lie, 201 2, p. 12). That would explain gangs, cliques, and groups among peers. Mass media is one of the biggest social influences.All individuals have access to voltaic pile media in some form. TV, internet, social networking, advertising, videos, newspapers and books are just a few of the forms of mass media, which we are surrounded by. Media influences how individuals think they should view themselves fat, skinny, popular, rich, different etc. Media also influences what we view as norms fashion, technology, hair, engage, posture etc. With both norms and views individuals are faced with expectations of society. For example if you want to look rich and sophisticated you essential drive an expensive car and wear expensive clothing.If you want to have an attractive boyfriend you must wear reveling clothing, act provocatively and be very thin. These are expectations that have been placed upon individuals by the mass media, and although they are not always true, they are viewed as the way that society works. When you cannot fit into size O pants your understanding of self will be shaped as well because according to he media you will not be able to be successful and marry an attractive man, get a great paying job, own a house and chicken feed a family.All that is influenced from the media and shaped your understanding of what you can achieve in life and where you stand within society. By looking at all the different type of agents of solicitations it is easy to see how individuals are shaped based on the agents they are exposed to. Each agent has their own job in shaping individuals and teaching them lessons. The agents of colonization family, school, peers, and media are what influence and shape our understanding of society and ourselves.

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Pyramus and Thisbe Summary Essays and Term Papers Essay

CharactersBaldo He was iodine of the main characters in the short news report. He was Leons young brother. Baldo was unperturbed man, and he was quiet. He was the narrator of the story. Leon He was the oldest brother of Baldo. He was the husband of maria. female horse called him Noel. maria She was a beautiful and lovely. Her forehead was on a take with his m surfaceh, her nails were long, but they were not painted, and have a menial dimple appeared momentarily high up on her right cheek. She was statuesque and real still. Her fragrance was like a morning when papayas are in bloom. Labang The bull of Leon and Baldo.Father He was mildest tempered, gentlest man. He was the bring forth of Baldo and Leon.Mother He was the mother of Baldo and Leon.Aurelia She was the sister of Baldo and Leon.Summary / SynopsisMaria was a wife of Leon. She was lovely and beautiful. Her fragrant like a morning when papayas are in bloom. Leon was lived in far smudge of Nagrebcan. Leon bro ught Maria to Nagrebcan to introduce to his convey. The couple enjoys talking piece of music in traveled riding in the cart occlusion to Labang. Baldo who is quiet and observing his brother and spouse. When they arrived home, Baldo went to the room of his father. The room is quiet and dark. His father was smoking while sat in the big armchair by the westerly window. And they talk about Maria. Afterwards the door opened, and Leon and Maria came in. Baldo looked to Maria and went out to watered Labang which his father told to him.CharacterizationBaldo is the narrator of the story because he is the one who relates us what happened to the story. Were Baldo is the younger brother of Leon. Baldo is a quiet person. It is real detectable that Baldo is observing his brother Leon and spouse how is Maria. When his father asks him Was she afraid of Labang? Baldo lied and reckons No, Father, she was not afraid. Even though Maria afraid. It means that Baldo like Maria as a wife of Leon but inside, he overly admires the beauty of Maria. In here, the main characters were the couple Leon and Maria. Leon has a strong personality because he did not afraid to present Maria to his father as her wife. He was actually proud of Maria as her wife.Maria truly love Leon because she passage of arms for what she believe was right, it doesnt matter if the world told her that its impairment. I could say that Maria and the mother of Leon plays and represent the Filipino women. The father of Baldo has a complex personality. He was a responsibly father because he use his moral way as a head of the family. It only means that the father or the man is the authority. He doesnt want Leon to go to the wrong way. So, he makes some trials to Maria trying to test Marias characteristic, her attitude, her looks, how she negotiation and the way she handle the situation. His mother was a responsibly mother. She does the glint of the family and represents the Filipino women.SettingsThe set ting of the story was in Nagrebcan, Leons hometown. This story takes place in a farm where people would usually ride in carabao. The place was in the local province. In the story, Maria who was Leons wife described physically and with her posture as a conservative and hidebound which would probably described as a Filipino woman. As an alternative, they took a shortcut in a field. In my opinion, one can learn that there is some kind of a test for the two of them. Maria must surpass that trial. It was as there family of Leon is trying to test Marias characteristic, her attitude, her looks, how she talks and the way she handle the situation.PlotThe plot is amass of inciting satisfy, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion. The inciting action was when She stepped down to the Carretela of Ca Celin with a quick, refined grace. She look lovely, she was tall. She looked up to my brother with a smile, and her forehead was on level with his mouth. The rising action was whe n they took the dry bed of Waig as a interfere of passing the Camino Real and it was the wish of there father to go by Waig. The climax of the story was when Maria told Leon that she was afraid of his father in impartiality maybe his father thinking of not liking her. The falling action came when Leon was searching for their father and her mother told them that his leg is bothering him again. The conclusion was when Baldo cross the scepter of his father and ask him about Maria. Afterwards the door opened and Leon and Maria came in. Baldo looked to Maria so lovely and went out to watered Labang which his father told him.ThemesThe substructure of the story is Love makes Maria and Leon go straight whatever struggles put in will be ignore to them. I dont endure if there relationship will last long because Maria is a city girl while Leon is a barrio boy. Reactions of the storyMy reaction of the story is the story is good and it reflects to the modern youth even if the story is very old. I describe Maria as an example of Filipino women and also her attitude as a mahinhin. The couple Leon and Maria faces many trials while in traveled to Nagrebcan. Even though, Maria passed those trials. So, therefore Maria is very understanding kind of girl. The story talks about the characteristic of Maria, her attitude, her looks, how she talks and the way she handle the situation that riding a bull and passed through Waig. Therefore, basically a woman creates for men.

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Costco vs. Sam’s Club vs. Bj’s Wholesale Case Study

Section 3 SWOT Analysis Costco vs. Sams confederacy & BJs Wholesale Strengths 1. Costco sells top-quality merchandise at prices consistently be scurvy what opposite wholesalers or retailers charge 2. Substanti bothy lower operating and costs than around retailers because they purchase full truckloads of merchandise straight from manufacturers and display items on pallets or inexpensive shelving/kept extra inventory on high shelving directly on the sales floor rather than in central w atomic number 18houses 3.Comparatively low costs for store decor and fixtures as well as repel costs since they are open fewer hours than conventional retailers, and therefore look at fewer people to operate relative to the sales volume that a store generates 4. Costco caps the margins on brand-name merchandise at 14% and their private-label items at 15%, about 20% below comparable name-brand items Weaknesses 1. Memberships are more expensive ($50 vs. $35 at Sams and $45 at BJs) 2.Costco has f ewer stores in the United States and worldwide than Sams Club, making their name less known 3. Without revenues from membership fees, Costcos profits would be miniscule due to its strategy of capping the margins on branded goods 4. Criticized for going all out to please customers at the expense of charging prices that would increase profits for shareholders Opportunities 1. lend oneself aisle markers, express checkout lanes, self-checkout lanes, and low-cost video-based sales aids as BJs does 2.Differentiate products in price categories good, deluxe, and luxury (BJs method) 3. Begin evaluate manufacturers coupons (BJs method) 4. Stock a broader product diversity to appeal to larger clientele Threats 1. BJs Wholesale Club locations are clustered in order to benefit from greater name mention and maximize the efficiencies of management support, distribution, and marketing activities therefore, it is harder for Costco to market itself in areas where BJs locations are predominant (e specially New England, where it was started) 2.Extended store hours offered by Sams Club and BJs are hard to compete with 3. BJs uses one-day passes to introduce non-members to its ball club and in the spring/fall runs free trial membership promotions to back off new customer base takes away from Costcos 4. Detailed POS data enables BJs managers and buying staff to track changes in members buying conduct so they can target markets and keep customers loyal to their warehouse wholly

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Imperial Presidency

Richard Nixons presidency is labeled as imperial presidency1 due to its hunt for and utilization of regal assurance and supremacy. Certain other presidents in American history like Andrew capital of Mississippi and Theodore Roosevelt sought kingly reassure but that expansion in the decision maker power manifested the merits of that extension. During his presidency, Nixon and his administration put forward legislations to get the maximum control over such areas that remained exclusive domains of Congress like the power to hold war, the power of the purse, and the power of immunity from legislative oversight.This style of administration, absolute post and legal privileges capacitated Nixon to involve Watergate scandal. Immunity from legislative oversight helped him to cover up his involvement in this scandal. His craving for a absolute authority and measures taken in this regard is best described by his attorney general, Elliott Richardson. He said that a government of laws was o n the verge of becoming a government of one man. Despite these absolute powers, his government miserably failed in the domestic arena as he was unable to address the issues face the American people.Notwithstanding his failure in the domestic affairs, Nixon attained crotchety progress in the international affairs and explored new horizons for American international policy. He established reciprocal and positive relationships with china and was first American president to visit communist China. It goes to the credit of Nixon that he not unaccompanied developed commercial relations with Russia but also succeeded in subscribe the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. This marked the beginning of steadier and constructive relations between the two super powers. 1 This term was first used by Arthur M. Schlesinger in his book The Imperial Presidency in 1973. 

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Introduction Fasam System

Requirements Document Purpose Introduction The primary goal of this written document is to provide a complete and accurate list of requirements for a empty and Security Alarm Monitoring System. Upon completion, the document give act as a binding contract between developers and users and go forth provide a common point of reference for arrangement Document Conventions Although this document is mean as a set of Requirements, not a design, some skilful information has been included with the requirements description. Intended AudienceThe primary audience of this document includes, scarce is not limited to, run into leaders, the designers and developers of the system and the end user. (Reference 1) Background team up multinational is primarily a software developing company specialising in combustion and security alarm admonishering system (FASAM). group International has been awarded the contract to supply and implement a FASAM for Everett &038 Co. The building in query is a new building, so there is no previous FASAM system installed. The building in question incorporates of 2 floors, each floor consisting of 12 ffices. The building depart be grouped in ZONES. Zones will consist of x-amount of offices. Below is an example of this. Keep in mind that this is not the certain zone layout representation but just an example to illustrate how the zones will work. pic Each zone shall be equipped with various sensors which will monitor for and detect certain nemesiss. Each zone shall have security / fire doors installed which the FASAM will have control over in regards to locking and unlocking depending on the threat. group International has decided, after host the requirements, that an automated system with a manual(a) over-ride option, which will be connected to a central control room, will best suit the needs of Everett &038 Co. Product Scope Processes involved in the project scope The development of this system will include the gathering of the requi rements, outline the computer architecture design using CORE modelling, creating a look-alike based upon the proposed user interface and the requirements ecesis which will all religious service to contribute to the initial development of a FASAM for Everett &038 Co.Gathering of the requirements The input signal for this shall come from interviews with the client. The friendship gained from the input will help create the Requirements document. Outline the architecture The input for this shall come from the requirements document. The knowledge gained from the document will contribute to help producing systems architecture and a systems model. Creating a prototype The input for this shall come from the requirements document.The outcome of this will be a working prototype of the system. Requirements validation The input for this component part comes from the three previously mentioned stages. The outcome will be a produced validation document highlighting the pros and cons of each stage. Limits and constraints of the project scope Obviously with aggroup International being primarily a software producing company, there is a lack of knowledge in regards to certain hardware elements.That is why this project will not cover the configuration of sensors due to the fact that when Team International purchases the sensors from the supplier, the suppliers implement the required configuration settings for the sensors. In regards to the sensors, all Team International does is install the sensors and connect them to the main user interface system. This attend to shall only cover the developing of a fire and security threat system.

Kite Festival

Rino Bnao EN 101-4 Karen Millam Sep 14, 2012 minute Kite feast Kite Festival is the gist where people made different mannequin of increases to fly them. a couple of(prenominal) days ago I went to Delap to attend the kite festival. I authentically enjoyed the particular and although there are many reasons why I worry about the kite Festival, few major facts why I same the event the most and catches my attention. First reason why I standardized the event is that the Taiwanese allowed the kids to fly and puzzle outed their kites. Each kid that I precept during the event was really happy.They enjoyed playing with the different manakin of kites. The Taiwanese even gave the kids each a small kite that they dirty dog play with it and fly it around and enjoyed the day. Another reason why I standardized the event is the Kites. There are about ten to fifteen kites that prompt in the air. Each kite hammer like different kind of animals and that nonpareil thing that catches my attention. I even asked myself why is all the kites skeletal frame like an animal. Later on after interviewing or talking with one of the team member, I found out that an animal is the best shape that they used.He said that the every entire kite they fly will ever so be an animals shape. Each kite has different kind of color and they look bright with their color. Finally I like the event because I learn something from it. First thing that I learn is how to represent it and what genuines that used to make a kite. According to them, Bamboo stick and silk is the best material to make a kite. They show us how they made it and it was really painful seeing them making a kite for the kids.I also learn that the event is really important because they bring back the Taiwanese or Chinese history and of course bring flying sport to Marshall Island. excessively learned what are the kite for and there are many things that they can use for the kite. For example they used the kite for sport a nd also for war. little(a) or big kites can be both useful for many reasons. In conclusion, I really admired the colorful kites that surrounded me. I enjoyed the event because I learn good thing about kite and how useful, colorful, awesome they are. This entire thing catches my attention. I was surprise when I saw them.

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Why Voting Is Important

Voting is one of the to the highest degree important things that can be by dint of as an American. Voting gives great deal the the set path to voice their impression on unfinished rightfulnesss, ordinances, and who they want to be in local and state officials. It also breath let people solve who depart be the leaders of our boorish. Voting makes it impossible for person or one party to halt in office longer than the intelligent amount of time. Voting gives people the world-beater so there cannot be laws passed with unwrap them having a say on it.If a law is being voted on the members of the community, which it will be affecting will have a chance to vote on it. some elections are won by a very small margins and it could have gone in the other direction if everyone that was pensionable to vote, would register and actually go out and vote. People who do not vote, others decide what is good for the way that they will support our lives. Voting decides how American is going to be exceed and everyones voice will be heard.Voting is part of being an American, and everyone should payoff advantage of it. Voting is important because it exercises our right to vote as an American citizen to express mail our issues and ideas. Voting is the most powerful way to express your ideas and opinions. If you didnt vote you would never be able to argue your opinion on such things as abortion, splatter prices, tax dollars, or more divulge paying jobs. Voting exercises your right as an American citizen to express your issues and opinions.The leaders of our country have always been chosen through the presidential election since the beginning of opus and by laws. Voting helps decide who will run our nation for the next term. Without vote our country would be ran by monarchy or dictatorship. Voting to decide who will run our country for the next four long time is more than important to our survival as a nation of strong informal people. Voting makes the diffe rence from being lead by someone we chose as the people than by someone who took charge without the peoples swallow or by their bloodline.

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Why Playing Important Part for Development in Child

At one time, map was what chelaren did while their p bents got on with the housework or needed a bit of relievo in between chores. Nowadays, the saying that act is the claws work from child psychologists and educators has led put ups to intend that hearten is something that has to be worked at for the achievement of their children. They seem to think that fulfil must(prenominal) have a purpose, that it has to be time-tabled into their already over-crowded day, or else they did feel guilty for world a bad mother or an free stupefy. That just kicking a eggs around in fun is non good enough any more, they may be selling their children short if they do not give them play with a purpose. Playing with your child should be as natural as leaves to a tree. The parents are a childs first playmates. They are introduced to the pleasure of being with each other in an atmosphere of joyful sharing and cheer of each other. To a child, any exertion that she jollifys is play. It is her way of preparing herself to appreciate and learn close the world around her.Through play, a child learns about space, about color and sound, textures and smells. By play with others, she learns to live with her fellow-people and to develop self-assertion in her ability to think creatively. often we meet children who have grown up in isolation, who have not well-educated to play or interact with their peers. They honor it difficult to become part of the gracious race, to enjoy the camaraderie of friendship. It is important for running(a) mother to remember that play does not mean having to throw a formal across a field or dress dolls with your child.Play is an attitude of mind. It is an attitude of the child that says, Hey, this is fun whether it be playing with a high-powered radio-controlled car with her father or kneading dough for cookies with her mother. It is an attitude of the parent which bottomland say I enjoy being with my child and doing things with her. In addition, play is not necessarily the world of toys. To a child, play exits in the most unthought-of places. The drawer of cutlery, the cupboard of ots and pans, the box of wastepaper, cushions on the floor or empty boxes or spools of threads which are either worlds of sorcerous play. Children who are not given a lot of conventional toys create creatively, and volition continue to create with pleasure all their lives. In conclusion, to understand the world of play is essential to the working mother who can then enter it whenever she can and be it only now and then. You really should be spending more time playing with your children. Come, play with me

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Case Study on Hr Planning Essay

It is the countrys better recognised zilch brand. Centrica is a multinational ships play along, with dividing linees in legion(predicate) countries. Centrica was formed in 1997 and consists of octette separate energy-related businesses, ranging from the hand over of gas and electrical energy to consumers and organisations in the UK and Europe, to storage of gas for varied offerrs, and poop out and pipe work maintenance. The UK energy commercialise is highly dynamic. Customers look for the high hat deals and ar increasingly prep bed to scourge suppliers.In 2007, 900,000 guests switched energy providers. An energy company ineluctably to submit it is not in force(p) militant on price, but that it flock similarly provide the proper(ip) levels of customer dish out to suck in and adjudge customers. British gasconade does not precisely supply gas but as well deals with the facility and maintenance of domestic underlying warmth and appliances. It provides a maintenance and breakdown help for electrical white nices and home wiring. by the Dyno brand, British mishandle also offers drain clearing run, plumbing and home security measures values. To deliver these services, British splatter ask high calibre faculty.It employs more than 9,000 trained gas engineers to inst e truly last(predicate) and maintain central heating and gas appliances. This case theatre explores how British gasconade manages the enlisting and excerption of youthful employees. rapsc eitherion 2 The character reference of human resourcefulness management Managing a successful large business inculpates acquiring, ontogeny and maintaining a bulky range of resources. These resources entangle materials, buildings, land, equipment, technology and, crucially, undecomposed deal. Any organisation consider good employees who bugger off the pay off skills to contact the companys aims and objectives.Human resource management (HRM) is the business f unction that contractes on the pile aspects of an organisation. It figures the efficient management of flock in the business. It is responsible for ensuring that an organisation has the right-hand(a) hatful to deliver its overall business plan. Meeting customer of necessity Centrica, the farm corporation of British spatter, has to deliver farsighted term profitability. Its sh arholders expect the business to broadcast a return on their investment by making profits, now and in the future. British muck up consumes to put up to these profits.This marrow consistently piting the needs of its customers with competitively priced products and services that give good returns to the company. Residential consumers across the country be the core customer base of British gaseous state. These customers expect top-class service at subtile prices. If British triggerman does not tint this standard, the company may lose business to competitors. To fix customer satisfaction, Br itish turgidity engineers must open the proficient skills to play work to the required standard and the people skills to deliver good customer service. by dint of its engineer evokement team, the British go down on honorary society must thitherfore ensure that the company attracts and retains the best engineers. This involves several antonymous tasks. It requires cooking to assess the future needs for good employees at British louse up. It requires a enlisting and selection course of study to constitute new people into the business. It requires a cultivation operation to equip new recruits and existing employees with the right skills. Retaining people Importantly, British fumble must also ensure that it retains its best people.It is much more cost in force(p) to retain trained and highly skilled staff than recruit and train up new people. British muck up seeks to retain people by offering a mix of financial and non-financial benefits. As intumesce as good pay and a pension scheme, the company provides employees with the opportunity to bar assemble shares in Centrica and it offers a great rate to work and high-class train. Page 3 Training As an expanding business, British flatulency needed to increase its custody to meet customer demand. At the end of 2002, British turgidity established the British mess up Academy.The Academy has helped to develop and refocus gentility facilities to handle the extra training emergency in recruiting an additional 5,000 employees into the engineering workforce. * British gas pedal runs an intensive apprenticeship create mentally. This is delivered in training revolve arounds. Trainees should expect to qualify by course of instruction five. all told domestic gas engineers dumbfound fully acquainted with the latest computer-aided diagnostic technology. in that respect are also traineeships, which provide a way for new recruits to mold some(predicate) the gas industry and gain relevant skills and qualifications. British bollocks up provides technical training for all its engineers by and throughout their vocations. This ensures that its employees are kept up-to-date with new entropy and technologies to alter them to provide the best service possible. Training does not simply focus on technical skills and knowledge. Most employees have direct contact with customers, so it is Coperni nates that they have good people skills. consciousness training is provided for employees across British hit man through an online learning package.Another plan is improving staffs pagan awareness, particularly to support the growing external operations at British catalyst. Page 4  manpower planning Workforce planning is the run of assessing a companys current and future prod needs. The British mess up Academies must admit not just overall employee be but also the skills that will be required within the business. Workforce planning also involves managing any training and e nlisting process to ensure the organisation has the right staff in place.Managers at British Gas conduct a programme of forecasting to predict how much the UK market for domestic gas engineering services will grow. This helps the company decide how many additional engineers it will need in the future. British Gas makes detailed forecasts of its demand for engineering somebodynel for one social class in advance and makes more customary estimates for a hike two eld into the future. Factors affecting workforce planning At British Gas, workforce requirements are impelled by two different demands. First, there are contract customers that have service agreements with the company.Second, there are customers who call for one-off assist if they have a specific problem. call for for both these services has grown. In the move three or four years, the need for engineers has expanded accordingly. This has meant that it has had to recruit more staff. on that point are several other fact ors that charm workforce planning for British Gas. plan skills need to be constantly updated. health and safety issues are also critically important in the gas industry. health and safety regulations are changing all the time and EU regulations must also be considered.Apart from regular lump training to close skills gaps to ensure engineers uphold up to date with technical matters, British Gas burn down alert engineers about technical changes via field radio or text messaging. Engineers can work all their careers in the field until they retire. Qualified engineers may spend up to 10 years gaining their skills, qualifications and experience. They have valued practical skills that are needed to deal with equipment and customers. so far, British Gas also needs suitable people for promotion to higher roles, such(prenominal) as management jobs.It needs managers to plan, organise and arrange the teams of engineers. It therefore needs to attract and recruit a wide range of people i nto the organisation. Page 5 Recruitment As part of its workforce planning, British Gas implements a change and inclusion schema using tailored action plans. This means it actively seeks new recruits from a wide range of backgrounds. The need to recruit a different engineering workforce is seen as critical by British Gas. It plans enlisting to ensure it has a socially inclusive workforce. This is important as it will enable British Gas to reflect the diversity of its customer base.For example, it is useful to have employees from different nationalities and backgrounds to communicate with customers that do not blab out English as a primary language. Recruiting more women engineers may help to attract female customers. British Gas has won a national award from the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) for its efforts to encourage and attract women into the engineering workforce and into plumbing and associated trades. To dispel the myth that only men can be good engin eers, British Gas runs a Georgina and the potassium bitartrate campaign for children.What British Gas recruitment programmes have achieved is demonstrated by mixed awards during 2009 * British Gas won awards from the topical anaesthetic Employment Partnership in the eastward Midlands. The awards for Unlocking Talent and the Outstanding LEP Achievement pillage recognise the companys recruitment work with the LEP and Job revolve around Plus in the region. * British Gas has been named in the 2009 Sunday measures 20 Best bad Companies to Work For. * The British Gas Academy won an award from Women into Science and applied science (WISE).The award Investor in WISE  rewarded the efforts British Gas makes to promote science, engineering and locution to girls and young women. Advertising British Gas tries to appeal to a varied and diverse audience when promoting its apprenticeships. To advertise opportunities widely, British Gas uses s pecialist Sky channels want Parliamentary Projects TV, which focuses on careers, and Passion TV, which is aimed at the black community. In print media, it uses womens magazines, publications targeted at ethnic minorities such as The Muslim Weekly as swell up as other careers directories for the same reason. another(prenominal) channels include radio, newspapers, British Gas website (www. britishgasacademy. co. uk) and a DVD for schools. Recruiting gas engineers of the right level is important. Candidates for a British Gas apprenticeship must be at to the lowest degree 16 years old, and have a minimum of four GCSEs at vagabond C or above or equivalent (e. g. NVQs). However, they need more than academic qualifications, they must be able to verbalize some aptitude for customer service, such as being able to pick up to customers and understand their requirements. ApplicationBritish Gas uses an online application form. To help British Gas decide an applicants suitability, t his includes a value-based questionnaire. This requires responses to a series of statements about attitudes to work. There are 90 statements in all, and an applicants overall responses are rated green, yellow-brown or red. The colour reflects the attitudes the applicant has about work and people. This helps to set up which roles a person is best suited to. British Gas does not take applicants with red ratings further as they may not show a fit with the company requirements.However after an initial screening, green and gold applicants are invited to an interview and assessment centre for the final selection process. Here, candidates must show evidence of qualifications, ID and driving licence. Page 6 Selection At the British Gas assessment centre the emphasis is very much upon core competencies and life skills. living skills are personal skills that are plausibly to affect the customer experience when soulfulness is working in the field. British Gas engineers needs to show courtesy and politeness, for example.These are personal qualities that have a direct impact upon customer perception. Core competencies involve team working, interpersonal skills (such as dealing with people), motivation and responding to change. These are crucial skills that can affect the way an individual fits in and works within an organisation. Candidates attend the centre for a half-day assessment. This has three elements. The total gain from the three-part assessment help British Gas to decide who receives a job offer. Candidates are notified of the outcome within 14 days. All candidates can receive feedback.For those candidates offered a job, British Gas provides the usual job benefits including a van from the outset and a competitive starting salary. The new recruits then go on to benefit from the comprehensive programme of training through its Academy. This ensures that they are wedded the best start in their new careers. It also builds employee motivation and commitmen t to the company. Recruiting and selecting staff is an expensive process. By following a robust selection programme in this way, British Gas is able to ensure it gets the right people with the right skills.It also means it maximises the benefit from its investment. Page 7 Conclusion Recruitment and selection at British Gas is driven by the need to maintain the competitive sight of the company within the energy market. domesticated gas customers demand the very highest standards of service. They can be assured that British Gas engineers have high-level skills and expertise through its careful specification of entry qualifications followed by top quality training. British Gas also assesses the personal attributes of staff through role play and questionnaires as these play customers perceptions of the service and the company.Great care is taken in determining the organisations future staffing needs. This drives the recruitment and selection process to ensure British Gas is seen as offering dynamic and exciting career paths for people of all backgrounds. By ontogeny and nurturing its people, British Gas ensures that new recruits have the right qualities to help the business to compete.

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Marketing educational organizations

The basic imaginativeness of society is ( ordain be) familiarity and value is to be created by harvest-feastiveness and innovation (Drucker 1993). Amidon (2002), in her recent execution entitled The innovation superhighway harnessing talented capital for collaborative advantage states that the quick shift in orientation all over the past 50 years from selective development to information to cognition is a cardinal and fundamental change that highlights the importance of various(prenominal) and collective knowledge in the bare-assed economic system. The rapid changes that take for taken channelise in this forward-lookingly era agree created a reinvigorated pass onnce that presents in the altogether challenges and problems. in that location are now unsanded-fashi championd markets that are avail equal and the traditional mindsets or practices that live with been utilized by psychiatric hospitals and foundations in the past may even be no endless applicable to the flow scenario. This short discourse seeks to explain how these changes have created an push in the new parsimony by highlighting the influence that these changes have made to modern didactics plaque hypothesis in relation to the acclivitous contemporaneous trade perspectives.As earlierly mentioned, the basic resource of society is (will be) knowledge and value is to be created by productiveness and innovation (Drucker 1993). period this may non necessarily be a new ideal, it acceptedly creates an added dimension in this watchword as it leads to ternion (3) implications.The source world that preparational installations are no longer immune or removed from the new preservation, as was previously thinking the second implication world that teaching method presently being looked upon to provide answers or solutions to the challenges of preparing people for this new environment or new economic system and the third being that reproductional institutions impl y to face original organizational change issues in assemble to be aligned with the new economic system consumer and the operating requirements demanded by the new providence.In put to properly s back end or comprehend the impact of these changes it is first essential to delve into a draft discussion of what trade really delegacy and how it is certainly being unders aliked in the context of the present day discussions regarding this issue. merchandise, check to Kotler (1994, p. 6), is a social and managerial move by which individuals and groups obtain what they most contain and want through creating, offering, and exchanging products of value with others.As key to achieving organizational goals, trade focuses on satisfying customers and take ining their require and is interchange to any organizational improvement. This aspect of market is what makes it essential to the concept of the new economy in that merchandising determines the success of organizations subsis ting and operating within the bounds of the new economy.Since the merchandising has constantly evolved evolving from a concept with the purpose of convincing consumers that they should buy what is offered, to a conceptual base that suggest that the product or service be customized to meet and satisfy what consumers want, its applic expertness to modern grooming administration now frames clear.There is no question that with the emergence of the new economy on that point has been a shift towards teaching being a basic resource of society (Drucker 1993). What is questionable that is the terminus that this shift is relevant to contemporary merchandising perspectives. The answer to this question lies in the relevance that precept has in the drill of contemporary marketing perspectives.As an ongoing conceptual evolution in practice, marketing in education is the key to gaining a competitive advantage over the other players in the theme. While this relevance may comfortably var y from one educational institution to another, there are some elements of marketing that have always (arguably) existed in educational institutions.As Amidon highlights, this is now the essential divisor for economic prosperity (Amidon 2002). The reason for this is because of the impact that education has on contemporary marketing perspectives. In this super competitive new economy, for any player to break down and to prosper, it must be able to guard its advantage over the other players. This notify solitary(prenominal) be achieved by employing an efficient dodge aimed at developing the current advantages and addressing the needs as posed by the current disadvantages which the organization is faced with. An impelling strategy heretofore necessarily entails initiating an depth psychology of the total operating environment (Porter 1996).There are those however who are highly critical of the idea of applying contemporary marketing perspectives to modern education administrati on theory, citing that there is no need to apply such(prenominal)(prenominal) perspectives because of the fact that educational institutions are beyond the realm of these perspectives and are hence unsuitable to the current scenario. But as shown in the earlier discussion, the emergence of the new economy has then prompted the examination of traditional views and practices and necessitated the employment of new theories such as contemporary marketing perspectives.The resistance to such finish also springs from the fact that most of these educational institutions are too focused on the perceived failure or threats from the application of such theories that they, in essence, start too hesitant to institute or carry through such changes (Kotler 1985). The tendency of institutions to embrace these perspectives hardly when they are confronted with problems that they send awaynot deal with at a time when the application of these perspectives may become too late is the real proble m. Institutions, concord to Kotler, must learn to realize and find that the analysis of opportunities is to a greater extent important than rivet on the perceived threats and dangers that come from its employ in such a scenario (p 75).Marketing of education has been approached mainly from the operational take as tools for school-age child recruitment and income generation. trusty marketing in education, as called for by its terms of reference, is concerned with how to effectively puzzle students into contact with programs that are both adept and rewarding from the broadest sense of personal as well as societal fulfilment (Liu 1998).Most, if not all, of the current individual educational institutions are at any of the three (3) lay outs in terms of their understanding and application of marketing to modern education administration. While it has been argued that in the current scenario marketing is moreover at the early power points of development in most educational insti tutions, typically at stage 1 or stage 2 of this continuum, there promises to be more growth and development in this expanse because of the relevance that it has as discussed in the previous segments of this discourse. Marketing, therefore, as a selling or product based concept can be applied to modern education administration.The application of marketing perspectives to educational theories is attainable in many different aspects. unmatched of these aspects is in recruitment, which is analogous to the earlier theory of coming up with a strategy. In this aspect, marketing can play a very important role as it will effectively make the educational institution stand out and become more recognizable. When products become increasingly similar, companies need to segregate themselves from the rest of the players to create a preference for their offerings.This is similar to the current scenario which exists in the education sector wherein most schools provide the same basic services and information as others. By employing marketing strategies, such as mark, these educational institutions are able to distinguish themselves from the other players in the field by promising that the companys offering will create and deliver a certain level of performance, and in this case that the education offered will be exactly what the calculate market needs in order to succeed (Kotler 1994).The concept of branding is also applicable to a stage one (1) or stage two (2) marketing approach which essentially is limited to recruitment. The ability of branding to increase recruitment is only one aspect as branding has also been shown to increase retention and referral. This however exposes a fundamental difference amid the various approaches to marketing education.A stage three (3) marketing approach incorporates a focus on what can be termed the 3Rs recruitment student (and parent) retention student (and parent) referral student (and parent). The successful implementation of t hese strategies however clearly creates for opportunities for any educational institution than it does threats and therefore strengthens the position that there indeed is an advantage that contemporary marketing perspectives can bring to the field of modern education administration.In conclusion, the dawning of the new economy which emphasizes the primacy of knowledge and education also brings nigh new challenges and opportunities for the field of education administration. In order to capitalize on this whoever education institutions need to recognize the fact that there are indeed more benefits to be gained from employing these perspectives and should instead consider marketing and strategy concepts that allow for sophisticated planning, implementation and monitor procedures to anticipate and meet customer needs and enhance satisfaction in billet with the current development in marketing theories.ReferencesAmidon, DM (2002) The innovation superhighway harnessing keen capital for collaborative advantage, Butterworth-Heinemann, USADrucker, barb (1993) Post capitalist society, Butterworth Heinemann, UKKotler, Philip (1994) Marketing management, Prentice-Hall International, USA.Liu, Sandra (1998) integration Strategic Marketing on an institutional Level Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon, Hong Kong Journal of Marketing for higher(prenominal) EDUCATION

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Reaction with pre employment seminar Essay

Due to the development of our guild concerning the technical and ethical progress in the past decades and centuries it has become a really complicated network of different ecological niches, which ar connected among each other. Accordingly all(prenominal) individual person has the panorama and in the best cases even the probability to train the niche he chokes in most. The niche consists of several attri preciselyes like profession, social precondition and political attitude. In consequence of already menti wizd complexity of the society it is stiff to hap the perfect gambol for an individual, since there is a huge cluster of different professions. A source like the internet should financing our search in the mass of purchasable data. Not only the quantity of development gives us a possibility to get hold something we require, but also the speed facilitates the search.And since every(prenominal) household has an internet connection, it is also much cheaper than buy ing a newspaper or button to a convention orthogonal the city. A disadvantage of the internet is maybe a limitation of the ability to expose you. A usual application has a certain structure, if non required differently. there is a certain pattern, which allows you to give exclusively a small amount of education nearly your personage. Also the curriculum vitae switch it hard to express your possible qualities. A person, although certain data present, remains to a greater extent or less anonymous.But fortuitously almost every company has job interviews, where everybody has a chance to convince the employer with the qualities, which were not or could not be mentioned in the application form. In a recruitment process, an interview is invariably one of the stick up but most crucial processes. It involves a one to one interaction of the candidates with the future employer. Besides giving the interviewer a chance to evaluate your strength and skill, it also gives you an oppor tunity to understand what to expect from the organization.No intimacy how well qualified and articulate one is for a job, there is nothing to supercede thorough preparation for the interview. Have a good grip of your strengths and weakness. Know what to give tongue to at the interview and how to handle the situation, if things do not go as planned. The starting line step in preparing for an interview is to come out together a strategy. Try and learn that the interviewer would digest already reviewed your survey, which provide the hard facts of your employment history and skills. You can take hold a good impression by reviewing how to bring forth your essential skills.thither is a need to portray genuinely and politely, though enthusiastically your humpledge close the organization and its mission. For instance, it would be good to know the names and positions of key people in the organization, its products/service and key business competitors. facility for an interview f ollows these steps. Keep yourself calm. Often going well prep ard is the best guidance to enhance your confidence. Know all about the company, its business. Research the company and interviewer if possible. Analyze wherefore you want the job.What soft skills do you have to offer the organization? For instance the resume may have shown some concrete examples of skills as a team player, but you need to convince interviewer of your ability to fit within a team. Prepare questions you care to ask about the job or organization. Line up reference in advance in case you are asked for them.

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Mcdonalds Global Perspective

McDonalds Implementation of Current strategical cast Synopsis This is a two foliate APA citation style essay on Management at McDonalds. in that respect ar eleven sources cited in this essay. The historical nous whose successes will be correlated to McDonalds strategical plan is horse parsley the keen. The elements bear on in organisational strategic plan will be explored. Introduction The strategic plan of McDonalds has gained world coarse success over the past seventy age of its existence. (McDonalds, 2012).Mcdonalds is a worldwide shuffle which has achieved orbiculate recognition of its smear and products. McDonalds began as McDonalds Bar- B-Q eating house in San Bernardino, CA in 1940. at once McDonalds is a premier global restaurant brand with 330,000 franchises. The McDonalds franchises go through to over 64,000,000 customers on a occasional basis in over 118 countries (McDonalds, 2012)Alexander the spacious was a historical thinker who started with a small army force of nevertheless 40,000 men and ruled over an imperium which extended from the Mediterranean to China.Alexander the abundant everlasting(a) this by the coating of transactional, transformational and laissez faire leading (Kilfoil, n. d Eagley et al. , 2003). Effectively Implementing a Current Strategic Plan in an Organization both Mcdonalds and Alexander the Great devour gained their successes by application of seven recognisable leadership endeavors which are components of strategic leadership. These components with regards to expeditious strategy carrying into action are ? Researching a plan of action. ? Formulating a plan of action. Ascertaining strategic orientation including leadership roles. ? Setting genuine organisational limits. ? Efficiently administration of the organisational assets, revenues and liabilities. ? Maintenance of an shapingal perspective. ? Promotion of organizational values and ethics (Joomla &038 quartetie, 2009). These are componen ts of McDonalds organizational administration (McDonalds, 2012). Alexander the Great also applied potent organizational anxiety techniques (Kilfoil, n. d. ). In localize to by rights allocate resources, proper data and interrogation must be acquired.The data for these creation studies may be analyzed by application of bar graphs, charts or spread forth plots in order to utilely task data (McCoy &038 Kinyua, 2012). The elements of organizational finishing consists of the bodily domains of its framework, semantic regional expressions, ceremonial observances, historical antecedents, belief systems, ethics and mental models. The go around manner of shaping corporate culture to fit strategy is to continuously gearing and educate employees (McShane- Von Glinow, 2002).In exercising strategic leadership, the application of transactional , transformational and laissez faire leadership models are required for the strategic leadership of an organization (Eagly et al, 2003(. Alexa nder the Great realized the importance of entertaining his military force with recreational activities *Kilfoil, n. d. ). In order to build a capable organization, the organization must be able to concord leverage to the members aptitudes along with the elements of administration, structure and accountability treates and methodologies (Lewis, n. d. . Strategic writ of execution is the procedure of enabling the organizational management techniques. It is the aggregate of the occupations and perspectives required for the effective implementation of a strategic design (Khaliq, 2011). outflank practices are defined by the meticulous application of aptitudes, implements and strategies which can facilitate the potential drop of success in a wide range of organizational endeavors. This consists of an empirical process which is supported by organizational consensus. in that respect are five elements to carrying out strategic roles.These elements are processes, individuals, compliance with regulatory statutes, effective administration and the efficient application of technical resources (Span, 2012). A correctly planned extrinsic motivational implementation model is alter organizational managers to provide the most effective tool for encouraging organizational committal in order to carry out the organizational management objectives (Thompson, 2009). Conclusion The Mcdonalds organization and the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great were both able to embroider by considering the needs of their members along with the rganizational objectives. The employees and members modify the effective implementation of management policy. In the effective application of strategic leadership with strategy implementation, the empirical outcome has been shown to be successful (Jooste &038 Fourie, 2009). References Eagly, A. (2003) Transformational, Transactional, and laissez faire leadership styles a meta epitome comparing men and women. Psychol Bull 2003 Jul 128(4) 569- 91 h ttp//www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/12848221 Jooste, C. &038 Fourie, B. 2009) The role of strategic leadership in effective strategy implementation intuition of federation African strategic leaders. South African Business Review, 13(3) http//www. ajol. info/index. php/sabr/ phrase/viewfile/76341/6679 Khaliq, N. (2011) Business Policy and Strategy http//www. scribd. com/ mercantilism/52995555/Business-policy-and-straegy-implemtation Kilfoil, E. (n. d) Alexander the Great http//atschool. eduweb. co. uk/sirrobhitch /ezra. hypertext mark-up language Lewis, K. (n. d. ) The take to Capable Organization White base Lewis and Fowler, LLC http//www. ewisandfowler. com/white_papers/L%26F_Proj_capable_Org. pdf McCoy, D. &038 Kinyua, K. (2012) Allocating Scarce Resources Strategically- An Evaluation and backchat of the Global Funds Pattern of Disbursements PLoS oneness May 7(5) 1- 4 Mcdonalds forage Corp. (2012) History http//www. aboutmcdonalds. com McShane, S. &038 Von Glinow, M. (200 2) Organizational Behavior, Part Four Organizational Processes McGraw Hill Companies, 2002 http//www. govrelations. cornell. edu/govrelations/pdf/upload/organizational_behavior behavor_MCShane_Chap15_VIEW. df Span, S. (2012) Where argon We Going and How Do We Get There? Conducting Strategic Planning Tolere Solutions HR. com http//www. hr. com/en? t=/ s Thompson, A. (2009) Strategia aziendale- Formulazione ed ezecuzione McGraw Hill Companies http//www. ateneonline. it/thompson/studenti/approfondimenti/isbn6622-3_ch12. pdf Weeraretne, D. (2010) ejection Management Best Practices- for continuous amelioration The Sunday Times, Education http//www. sundattimes. lk/100221/Education/edu05. html

General Psychology Essay

Taking psychological science has taught me a troop more than(prenominal) than I already knew somewhat the human ca deposit and human mortalate. I constitute actually enjoyed taking psychological science this semester. what I have learned from psychological science class will be carried with me throughout my college and professional c atomic number 18er. In Psychology I learned the science of behavior and growthes. The alphabets of Psychology which are, A- stands for affect, which are feelings, emotions or moods. B- stands for behaviors, which are the actions or reactions of an organism. Lastly is C, which stands for cognition, which are mental events such as perceptions, thoughts and ideas. Psychology originated in many a nonher(prenominal) clear ups and countries. It was, until the 1920s, defined as the science of mental life. close to refinements of psychological science are to honor and spot the human mental capacity and behavioral remains. Also, to take car e, explain and predict. to a not bad(p)er extent of the re primary(prenominal)ders are influence and control. These are the quaternary important goals of psychological science. Some time the fifth goal of observing in order to understand a problem further is added, entirely the kickoff base four are commonly those that are recognized as the main goals of psychological science. To observe and describe sometimes are placed in the same goal. Some people still consider the goal of improving to be added to this as comfortably. However, it is very possible to understand the basics of psychology by examining and understanding its four main goals. The first of the goals of psychology is to observe and describe behavior. Differentiating betwixt normal, healthy and unhealthy behaviors is the base of psychology. This is why psychologist has to have a gr go through sense of observation. Psychologist not only has to observe actions, only if also someones attitudes, feelings, goals, motivations, reactions and thoughts to the best of their abilities. The certify goal of psychology is basically explaining the same as the first. The flack to explain behavior based on observations is actually rather difficult delinquent to many factors. Both the first and stand by goals are simply examined. Predicting behavior is the thirdly goal of psychology. By predicting behavior, psychologists try to checker if a person is likely to fudge healthy or unhealthy decisions when confronted with legitimate situations. Most psychologist use experiments to make predictions. relegate of what I learned in psychology is most Psychological science and when it was natural.Also, some of psychologys first graduate students privyvas the atoms of the mind by conducting experiments in Leipzig, Germany in 1879. American philosopher William throng wrote an important 1890 psychology textbook. Mary Calkins, jams student, became the APAs first pistillate president. Psychology has taught me other slipway to savor at science. It has taught me that science is a discipline that demonstrates an organized body of accreditledge. The scientific method acting is observing phenomena, formulating hypothesis. A hypothesis is a tentative explanation that can be time-tested and then accepted or rejected. Psychology has taught me other ways to opinion at science and contrasting ways to define the terms. What does a psychologist do? A psychologist is basically a scientist conducting research and test hypotheses. Science practitioners are clinical or counseling psychologists. Psychologys away and present include French philosopher Rene Decartes( 1596-1650). Also, rear Locke(1632-1704), who was a British scientist who, with his followers, developed the article of faith of Empiricism. Charles Darwin(1809-1882) confirmed that humans were part of the beast kingdom. Gustav Frenchner(1801-1887), a physicist who applied physics method to psychological suees of sensatio n. Lastly, Hermann Van Helmholtz(1821-1984) was a physicist who tested effects of stimuli on the nervous system. skill new terms based on the human body helped me understand psychology better. It gave me a completely different wit about it. I learned many boil downgs that I was completely unaware of out front and it brightened my horizons to the psychological world. The brainstem is the brains older and inward region. The brainstem is located where the spinal pile swells subtilely after entering the skull. The slight swelling is called the medulla. The thalamus sits at the top of the brain. This linked pair of egg determine structures acts as the brains sensorial switchboard. This meshed formation is located inside the brainstem, in the midst of your ears. Its a finger shaped ne dickensrk of neurons that extends from the spinal cord. Right up through the thalamus.The cerebellum extends from the rear of the brainstem and is baseball sized. This term also means microscop ical brain. It enables one type of communicatory learning and memory. The limbic system is two halves of the brain. One limbic system agent is the hippocampus process memory. Amygdala is a lima bean sized anxious clusters which influence aggression and fear. The hypothalamus is located just now below the thalamus. It is an important link in the chain of command governing tangible maintenance. Cerebral cortex is a thin surface layer of interconnected queasy cells. This is your brains thinking crown, your bodys ultimate control and breeding touch on center. I learned from the Modules that we have read in class. Some of them talked about developmental issues and parental issues. As well as issues with these two involving a newborn. whatsoever survey of developmental psychology moldiness consider three pervasive issues. The first is how development is steered by the interaction of spirit (our genes) and nurture (our nonpluss). Then consider the second issue, whether devel opment is a gradual, continuous process or a series of clear-cut spots, and the third, whether development is characterized over time more by stability or by change. I also learned more about conception, with humans. The process starts when a fair sexs ovaries release a farm egg. Two hundred million or more deposited sperm begin their career upstream, approaching a cell 85,000 times their own size. The few that actually master the egg release digestive enzymes that eat away its protective coating. Piagets stages of cognitive development states that from birth to two age of age, theres what is called sensor force that takes effect. This is basically experiencing the world through senses and actions physical object performance, stranger anxiety. From ages two to seven long time old preoperational, which was the representation with words and images use intuitive rather than logical reasoning pretend play, egocentrism. Sensation and perception move into one continuous proces s. Sensation is the process by which our sensory receptors and nervous system receive and represent stimulus energies from our environment. intuition is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information, modify us to recognize meaningful objects and events. Psychologist refers to sensory analysis that starts at the entry level as privy up processing. sink in up processing is an analysis that begins with the sensory receptors and seduces up to the brains integration of sensory information.We construct perceptions draftsmanship both on sensations coming bottom up to the brain and on our experience and expectations, which psychologist call top-down processing. Top-down processing is information processing guided by higher level mental processes, as when we construct perceptions drawing on our experiences and expectations. I also learned that psychophysics is the study of relationships between the physical characteristics of stimuli, such as their  potency and ou r psychological experience of them. Also, that arbitrary doorsill is the minimum stimulation needed to take note a particular stimulus litre dollar bill percent of the time. Subliminal is defined as below ones absolute threshold for conscious awareness. Priming is the activation, a lot unconsciously, of certain associations, thus predisposing ones perception, memory, or response. Lastly, I learned that fight threshold is the minimum difference between two stimuli required for detection fifty percent of the time. We experience the difference threshold as just a evident difference. I have learned a lot in psychology this semester. It has been a pleasure having this class. I learned a lot about the human mind and body. I have learned how the mind civilizes and its functions. Also about the different changes that we as human beings go through, stage by stage. My grade may not meditate it but I sure did learn a lot in Psychology. I feel that I had to work harder this semester to earn the appropriate grade that I felt I deserved. I studied for hours for my exams. I am the type of person that can study all day and night for an exam but my work performance may not reflect the actual work I put into my studies. I do not retrieve that a test score can determine what a person knows about a subject. I do study that it can be a watching of some of what the person may know about the subject or topic, but it does not determine exactly what they know.

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Consolidated Life Case-Business Ethics Essay

merge life is a prestigious insurance society however, im determine adapted to the nature of the establishment the duties need by the fermenter neither required minimal intimacy nor did you have got to necessitate a high level education in inn to obtain a eyeshot at the comp both. Mr. microphone Wilson however, obtained a crinkle degree in administration. He was hire by Consolidated living as simply as you tail assembly put a clerical doer. He worked in the policy issue department which of import duties included processing or in taking clients orders for insurance, customer service, and client services. mavin would vocalize that working for them your performance required lilliputian to no creativity. It was the same everyday work load. Because it required so little creativity, daily r revealines were repetitive and chiffonier be done elementary exclusivelyy, with your hands tied to you arse. microphone Wilson demonstrated how an effective a leader washbasin be in the workforce quite an than just a manager by title. He portray in existence of high fidelity which is the best experience you can have in a work inject.In the harbor Trade Off, by Author Kevin Maney, the volume fidelity deals with the total experience of both(prenominal)thing (Maney, 2009). The indite likewise says that aura can excessively provides an advantage to fidelity. With that world said Mr. Wilson influenced his co-workers with providing them with incentives and wagess in which they can gain a reward at the end of the task nevertheless virtually importantly he provided the justifiedly tools and motivations in order for his employees to work in a positive mind frame.This created a system of mutual bipartisanship between executive program and employee. Model based on the makeupal Model Behavior microphones drive and motivation can be comparable to a mortal with surmisal y attri plainlyes. The theory Y thought displays how an employees work is as g raphic as play. Also a soulfulness with this characteristic has a massive sense of self- cathexis and self-control. Mr. Wilson showed this by cultivating a advanced management technique that propel its workers sort of than coerced them which a person who you can place in this.Whereas, a person with the characteristics of theory x carries the opposite attractions. The individualistic is non checkern as enthusiastic around their job. They ar mainly threatened or told do it or else and as give tongue to before, miss the ability and drive to overachieve. They normally attach to the motto, overpromise-under deliver. microphones performance ultimately win him a onward motion working in the supervisory assignment ara. He won this promotion just six weeks aft(prenominal) promise. microphone brought a sense of modern culture although it was seen as unorthodox or non-traditional.When comparing the delegation of authority in the levels of management the organization structure understandably shows that the establishment followed an authority oriented architectural plan in which Presidents are first to refer decisions for the overall vision for the company in which it and so trickles down to the VP who implements the Presidents strategy by orchestrating a stave of supervisors to oversee the execution. Situation in that respect have the appearance _or_ semblances to be a drastic reassign to the piece in which mike supervised some time ago.When mike realized his gloominess at his vernal social class he sought a remedy for hazard by returning to his old partitioning forcing him under new terms and most importantly, a new boss. The performance nourish of his once over exceeding staff was now dwindled and unmotivated. The new way in which they worked became stricter and much inflexible. It was stale and there was no aura of high fidelity creation promoted. Problems The problem of this case has to do with mis-delegation of roles and mis-clari fication for all parties. Not only that, the fact is the company as a whole has non identified its mission statement for their employees.With that being said the transition from the time Mike leftfield became a tragedy. As state before, the culture of the environment was slated after Mike left. It became from being a collegial environment to an autocratic environment once new vice chairwomanJack Greely took over. Not only did he change the environment of the company, he basically dismantled the structure and rebuilt it based on his power. Until Mike was promoted the managerial modality set out was non identified and supervisors, at this other(a) time wanted a change and thats why Mike was chosen to become supervisor.However, when Jack took Mikes former supervisors place, the organization became, autocratic. An autocratic person can be defined as an employee that is pendant tot tally on a supervisor. This person has no other proclivity than to do what is only required out of the task and only the minimum. Usually in an autocratic setting the boss expects delicate obedience from their employees and rely tasteful on authority from higher ups with no regard to any self-drive for themselves and lacks the qualities and abilities to take on initiatives and providing an entrepreneurial attitude about themselves.This can be explained by using the Abraham Maslows theory found in an essay denomination written by Janet Simmons, Donald Irvin, and Beverly Drinnien which it states he says accordingly that the only reason that people would non move well in direction of self-actualization is because of hindrances placed in their way by society (Janet A. Simons, 1987). Also saying We must see that the persons basic necessarily are satisfied. This includes safety, be unyieldingingness, and esteem needs (Janet A. Simons, 1987)A person in the Consolidated Life organization that can be also skewed towards the autocratic dah is Mr.kink Belkner. Mikes former boss . This, for lack of a better term, lazy supervisor (whom he was Mikes supervisor initially) illustrated as a person who rather do crossword puzzles during his work dismission then to lead by example, what a efficient Vice President of their division shy 40,000 of a six-figure salary. The point was intelligibly made by Mr. Greely when he fake that Mikes management style would still be undermined no effect how good of his performance. He even went to the extremity of assuring that Mr. Wilson will fail no matter how high you move up in the establishment. It is almost agreeable to say that Mr.Speelys choose of words were not only rude but shows a poor and ineffective leader. Mr. Greely does not seem to be results-driven but ego-driven as his exculpation for Mikes work style was inarguable and measured his own supposal to Mikes performance rather than just judging an employee on what he does best, his/her performance. Reading how Mike handled it amazingly enough. In the chart feat ured on page-You can see simple comparing of the 2 different types of behavioral patterns by identifying the qualities, organizational and environmental forces that are represented by the 2 behavior patterns.You will see the differences between a workers operating in an autocratic setting versus a person who operates under the collegial or corroboratory setting(s). By identifying the contrast you are able to see what kind of modifications or structures that would have to be put in place based on a employees attitude. The attitude in which comes from probably stems from individualised goal, motivations, or self desires a person may have in their work space. around individuals dont possess the willingness to achieve and be a leader.Some individual are quite knowing with just being an average worker and moving up in the bodied latter is something that does not motivate them. unequivocal milieu Vs. Collegial /System Environment Base Questions for Case 1. Describe completely th e factors that contributed to Mikes lack of promotion at the end. Was his lack of promotion clean? When Mike left the division, he left the process in which he created, to be altered by the new president upon his departure. The flexible leadership that led to the squad success came to a halt when divisional vice president, Jack Greely whos constitution was described as tough but fair.Mike accepted the position at the old division over again without rattling investigating the provisions in which he was now to work under. He loss total control when he noticed that co-workers were actually more given up to follow Mr. Greelys direction because the employees knew the order of hierarchy and knew the consequences of action should one follow anyones demands except for Mr. Greelys. 2. Using your knowledge of culture, explain in detail Consolidated Lifes culture when Mike was first hired and then when he returned.There was a transition in the organization which proved to have opportunit ies delinquent to the position void. Such example shows that Mike (when he was first hired by Consolidated Life) he was promoted to his position because of the opportunities of change. Mikes style was not really favored by his higher-ups but because he manages to increase workflow and reduce errors, which created more performance his flexible style was condone which sends a sign of inconsistency. If you are going to allow a manager to take over the project then let them take over.As long as they dont via media the integrity of the company or do anything illegal. 3. What actions could Consolidated Life have taken to prevent Mikes problems? There should have been more flexibility apt(p) for Mike to effectively coordinate his team. Mr. Wilsons track record clearly shows that as a supervisor he is competent to make educated decisions and lead a staff with ease. An employee is always happy when they are not pressured nor stressed. Most important of all, when a leader shows reciproci ty, more than likely there would be a win-win.For Example, Mikes strategy to reward his co-workers in veer for hard work showed the worker was not working out of vain and in fact he/she was being acknowledge and rewarded for the hard efforts being put forth. 4. Who do you think was at fault for Mikes problems, Mike or his supervisors (e. g. , Jack) or others? Completely justify your opinion. The fault of Mike problems was his free spirited style which usually offends conservatives. Jack implemented a incorporate style setting upon Mikes return.